Tipicamenteumbria... There is a whole region to discover on this site, its authenticity, its peculiaritis, its characteristics not duplicable from other areas.

There is an Umbria with a thousand faces, but united, Unique, to say it with the slogan with which we represent in the world. If we think of Umbria geographically and historically, we immediately realize that is formed by multiple cores, however, each of its territory and its inhabitants are bound together by their love for detail, for authenticity, for the attention to detail which finds its highest expression in Gastronomy, crafts, tourism on a human scale, in the productions of excellence (from cashmere fashion to the most futuristic aerospace), in the historical and artistic events and warmly participated by both locals and visitors .
In the popular imagination, our region is recognized as Terra Verde, dotted with medieval villages and fittings, where the living is easy. The tradition and authenticity are commonly recognized quality to our products and our services, to which is attributed a value added just as Umbria.

With this website, we wish to convey our excellence, especially the lesser known and perhaps precisely because less known, are intimately linked to our land, through an organic and harmonious story of the territory and its products, highlighting the history, anecdotes, curiosities, thus creating a virtuous circle of references between the beauties historical - architectural - landscape and production of value, not only because sometimes luxury, think of the truffle, but mainly because traditionally anchored to our land.
Regional Union of
the Chambers of Commerce of Umbria


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