It can be said that every family is the repository of its own version of this delicacy typical of the Umbrian tables of the Easter period. This is one of those: great on its own, if accompanied by sublime capocollo or salami and boiled egg blessed, as dictated by local tradition for breakfast on Easter morning.
Ingredients for a cake about 1 kg:
-500 g. flour type 0
-75 g. lard
-75 g. extra virgin olive oil from Umbria
-50 g. brewer's yeast
-50 ml lukewarm water
-1/2 paper cup of milk
-100 g. grated pecorino romano
-100 g. grated Parmesan cheese
-75 g. Swiss cheese, diced
-5 eggs
-a pinch of pepper for each egg
-15 g. salt
Mix 50 grams of flour and 10 g. of yeast dissolved in 50 ml of warm water. Let stand "lievitino" thus formed for a few hours, a perfect night, covering the bowl with a cloth.

Then dissolve in warm milk lard and the remaining yeast.
Beat the eggs with a pinch of salt, add the cheese while continuing to stir, leaving flavor thoroughly.
Resume lievitino. To this add the remaining flour, the milk, yeast and lard, eggs mixed with cheese, salt, pepper and oil.
Knead vigorously for 30 minutes.
Obtain a mold (aluminum or crock, greased and floured or paper) and pour the mixture, which should arrive in the middle container. To obtain the classical form of dome once cooked, it is advisable to give the dough into a ball before pouring it into the mold.
Let rise in a warm oven: to facilitate the rising process and keep the mixture moist, you can leave a pot of boiling water on the bottom of the oven with the interior light on.
When the mixture reaches the edge of the container, approximately after 3 hours, the cake is ready for baking in a hot oven: at 160 ° for 20 minutes and then at 135 ° for 25 minutes. In any case, the time depends on your oven, but shall be the "toothpick test"!

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