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For pottery lovers, a visit to the Museo Regionale della Ceramica should not be missed. The tour of the museum consists of 14 rooms and over 7,000 works, distributed over three floors, as well as a huge space for over 5,000 majolica tiles and collections of contemporary pottery, accessible to the public and duly equipped for study.

On the ground floor, there are "open" rooms in which temporary exhibits are set-up, allowing visitors to understand, at a glance, the way in which the museum is organized and decide whether or not to pay the fee and continue with the visit.  From this same area, you can access the library, which is specialized in the history of pottery and already contains more than 1,400 volumes. The itinerary begins with a room dedicated to pottery techniques and continues on the ground floor, with a section dedicated to archaic pottery and the history of Deruta pottery. The archaeological section brings together objects of diverse and often unknown origins and offers an impressive panorama of the main types of pottery produced in Greece and in Italy in ancient times. Some of the Etruscan vases are remarkable. Of the Roman productions, the "sigillata italica", the typical canteen pottery from the first Imperial age, must be pointed out.  Local mediaeval production is attested by jugs and bowls from the 14th century.  Pottery dating back to the period between the 15th and the 17th centuries are more  decorative. Items that were not made for everyday use are also exhibited, like grandiose plates displaying noble coats of arms or portraits of beautiful Renaissance women, decorated using the technique of lusterware, amatory cups, gamelii, ballate, impagliate, tableware, fruit bowls, salt shakers, jugs and pitchers. Along the route, there are also theme areas, like the sections on flooring and votive plaques, as well as the reconstruction of an old pharmacy. On the second floor, particular focus has been put on collections, with the "Magnini Collection " at the end of the route.

Opening hours to the public:

July-September: every day

10.00 -13.00 and 15.30 -18.30

April-June: every day

10.30- 13.00 and 15.00 -18.00

October -March: closed on Tuesdays

10.30 -13.00 and 14.30 -17.00

Largo S. Francesco 1,

tel. 075-9711000


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