Campo del Sole Print

Imagine a body of water or the scene of an epic battle ... We are talking about Lake Trasimeno where, in 217 BC, near Tuoro, there was a bloody clash between the Roman army and Hannibal's troops, with the victory of the latter. This describes the scenario, but in reality, we want to dwell more on the lido of Punta Navaccia, where a modern Stonehenge can be found. This is a monumental complex of sculptures, to which 27 internationally renowned artists made their contributions.

Created in the second half of the 1980s, Campo del Sole is a garden of "Totems", column-like trees, surrounded by an excellent naturalistic environment. It is an open-air museum, in which every item was planned, created and developed by high-level artists, such as Pietro Cascella, Cordelia Von den Stein and Mauro Berrettini, using a type of blue-grey sandstone, extracted from local quarries, capable of changing into a warmer, pinkish shade.

This work was intended as a celebration of modern sculpture, at the same time linking it to primordial forms of dialogue between earth and sky. The surroundings are also is captivating, making a visit here even more pleasant and almost a must for anyone going to Tuoro, as it is unique in the international art scene. The creativity of the artists is amazing. They have been able to vary the chosen theme of the column and express different emotions.

The spiral arrangement of the columns is also deserves a mention, for its vertical momentum, triangular references, the stone table referring to the cosmos and the way in which the elements of land, lake and stars magically blend together and which, in a labyrinthine dimension, Campo del Sole is able to conjure up.

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