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The tradition of "Faoni" or "Feast of the Bells" is an event of ritual calendar of events in the winter of Norcia, strong in its meaning and its charm. Groups of volunteers loyal to the tradition every year to prepare the evening of 9 December, when the whole city and the neighboring villages of majestic glow glow in the pyres of burning juniper, big bonfires and animated by starlings of accordions and unfailing cheerfulness carefree people around some heady glass of mulled wine, sweets and good food cooked on the grill.
The organization of the evening was always busy and his hand down from generation to generation is exclusively the result of the desire of some groups of people who in order to relive cherished moments with their parents and their grandparents sacrifice much of their time to the success of the evening.
The evening of 9 December has always been a feast for all, a great party in anticipation of midnight, at which time all the bells of the city move to announce the passage of the Holy House of Our Lady of Loreto.
In fact, the sense of tradition, for the inhabitants of Norcia and the Catholic tradition, is right here.
The fires are lit to commemorate and illuminate the path of angels who, as far back as December 9, 1291, being occupied Palestine from the infidels, they brought in the house except the Virgin miraculously traslandola up to a forest of laurels, today Loreto.
But what other rites are intertwined around this affectionate tribute is not easy to say. There are atavistic elements, ranging from the shortest days of the year and you have to ward off the darkness has the upper hand on the light, the night the day, the frost on the heat.
But there is also the arcane. The fire does not always destroys, purifies.
And finally the spiritual elements. The fire is the symbol of the love that descends upon Mary and the Apostles at the Last Supper, the disciples turning into preachers brave and capable of being understood by people from various countries.
Symbols and rituals, forces of nature and good will, everything is exalted in the earth tonight nursina.

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