The references are those of the "Pallium decurrendum" a manifestation of ancient origins, it seems dating back to the thirteenth century, which took place on the feast of St. Michael the Archangel on September 29. Along all the main streets leads a parade with 800 characters in period costume of the fifteenth century: so begins the struggle of the Palio among the "Four Gates" the city that opened along the ancient city walls, built in 1242 by Frederick II.San Benedict, San Donato, San Martin, San Facondino these are the names of the doors referred to three abbeys, churches and monasteries of the area outside the city murata.La contention is to compete in the race of carts pulled by a donkey and in the race of donkeys ridden bareback, in archery and the fionda.Per the Door winner, in addition to the prestigious Palio, gained the right to put to the stake, "Bastola," the witch ancient enemy of Gualdo.Rievocazioni, performances, taverns are the backdrop to the event, creating places and opportunities to meet and tasting.
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