Enclosed in every kite are dreams of peace, a desire to fly and a wish of freedom.

With every hot-air balloon, the desire to see the world and visit new places hovers in the clear air. Coloriamo i cieli (Colour the skies) is an international event, held in April every year, in Castiglione del Lago.

It brings all these things with it and maybe this is why it receives growing public appreciation and participation. From Lake Trasimeno, you can admire a peaceful army of kites, many of them built in special laboratories set-up for the event, as well as internationally produced hot-air balloons, dancing in the skies and bringing cheer to young and old.

The event is also a good opportunity for getting to know Trasimeno Lake and its surroundings, its wealth of food and wine, the combination of land and fresh water, with  its events and a range of activities and sports in the open air.

To dream, up in the clouds, we suggest you take a look at the video of the event!


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