Corciano is a village nestled on the top of a hill, overlooking the valley that leads from Perugia to Trasimeno Lake. Inside the old town of Corciano, the Museo della casa Contadina (Museum of the country house) is found inside a typical dwelling.

Inside, you can relive the environments typical of the local agricultural civilization of a not-too-distant past.

The typical farmhouses of Corciano and the rest of Umbria, before the industrial economy, included a kitchen, a bedroom, a barn and a stable.

The rooms are equipped with simple and  traditional furnishings, original sets of utensils and everyday tools, as well as a wooden looms, carpenter’s workbenches, the ascina (earthenware bowl) for doing laundry, mattresses consisting of a sack of leaves and the "prete" (meaning “priest” - a wooden recipient for heating bed-warmers) to warm yourself on cold nights.

This series of elements are precious evidence of a way of life deeply with its roots in working the land, family and religion.

The Museum is always open in periods when local events are taking place and may be visited during the rest of the year by booking at the municipal offices.

Location: Via Tarragone 12, 06073 Corciano (Pg)
Tel. +39 075-5188255/6

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