From Castello di Coccorano to Sambuco: on the trail of St. Francis to Valfabbrica Print

This is a series of itineraries inspired by the path taken by St. Francis in 1207, when, following his public spoliation in the main square of Assisi, he left his home to reach Gubbio.

This is an opportunity to walk along a path, in the wilderness, nestled amidst the typical woods of Umbria: over 40 kilometres divided into different paths to enjoy on foot, by bicycle or on horseback.

All this is complemented by a gratifying landscape, the same seen by St. Frances, an observant and profound admirer of nature, which he considered a reflection of the face of God.

Following the path through the hills surrounding the Lake of Valfabbrica, you can see three historical towns dating back to 1200 (Castello di Coccoranaccio, Castello di Coccorano and Sambuco). Through the forests that characterize the pre-Apennine area of Umbria, you can spot numerous birds of prey (Buzzards, Kestrels, Kites and Red Kites). From Perugia, you can reach Valfabbrica (on the highway SS. 318). About 2 km after Valfabbrica, in the direction of Gualdo Tadino, turn left, following the signs for the Lake of Valfabbrica-Strada Francescana (Franciscan Road). After arriving at the left-hand side of the retaining wall of the dam on the River Chiascio, about 200 metres on, we will be facing the ruins of the Castle of Coccoranaccio. Park the car and continue on foot.

TIME: About 3 ½ hours, excluding stops.

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