From the locality of La Valle di Arrone (Tr) to Tripozzo along an ancient path of olive oil Print


The trail was formerly used as a connection route, travelling by mule, between the towns of Arrone and Tripozzo, and it climbs between olive groves amidst the typical landscape linked to the traditional cultivation of olives.

Not far from Fonte San Lorenzo, which lies along the trail at 485 m  s.l.m., are the remains of an old mill, which presumably dates back to Roman times, confirming that the cultivation of olives was already important in ancient times. The path ends in the small rural village of Tripozzo, located in the middle of the slopes of the homonymous mountain. This is an archaeological area in which ceramic material, pieces of masonry and probable traces of building have been found ,in which, between the 1st century BC and 1st century AD, a stage of the production of olive oil was carried out.

DEPARTURE: Arrone Loc. La Valle (321 m  s.l.m.)

ARRIVAL: Tripozzo (560 m  s.l.m.)


TRAVEL TIME: OUTWARD 1 hour - RETURN 45 minutes


MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: Tripozzo (560 m s.l.m.)

ROUTE: signposted

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