From the centre of Arrone (Tr) to Monte di Arrone Print


This route may be appreciated both because of its landscapes and because it represented an area of archaeological finds. Starting from the Centre of Arrone, with its an ancient castle, founded in the year 880, you can reach the summit of Mount of Arrone along an easy path.

Here, you can enjoy a privileged observation point, from which you can see landscape of the lower Valnerina valley.

At the top, are the traces of an ancient place of worship, used for sacrifices and votive offerings. It is a peak sanctuary, today remembered for rectangular excavation in the limestone rock. It is an area in which objects of value have been found,  including votive bronzes, the marble head of a divinity that, supposedly, belonged to a cult present in the sanctuary.

DEPARTURE: Arrone (236 m s.l.m.)

ARRIVAL: Monte di Arrone (420 m  s.l.m.)


TRAVEL TIME: OUTWARD 45 minutes - RETURN 30 minutes


MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: Monte di Arrone (420 m. s.l.m.)

ROUTE: signposted

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