From Casteldilago di Arrone (Tr) to the Hermitage of the Madonna dello Scoglio (Madonna of the Rock) Print


A proposal for those who wish to enjoy the botanical diversity of the area, in the context of the Nera river, and reach the Hermitage of the Madonna dello Scoglio, which is the destination of this route.

The Hermitage is surrounded by rich vegetation. It is a 16th century building, subjected to successive extensions, during the 17th and 18th centuries. It stands on a spur of rock cliff, in the very place where the image of the Madonna was painted directly on the rock, after the Madonna appeared to Pietro Lelli, a nobleman of Casteldilago.

The site has become a destination for processions during which, still today, the “Song of praise to the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Round Rock” is still in memory of the miraculous event, composed at the time of the apparition by a local high priest.

DEPARTURE: Casteldilago (220 m s.l.m.)

ARRIVAL: Hermitage of the Madonna of the Rock (465 m s.l.m.)


TRAVEL TIME: OUTWARD 1 hour - RETURN 45 minutes


MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: Hermitage of the Madonna of the Rock (465 m. s.l.m.)

ROUTE: signposted

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