A valiant knight Print


Assuming the role of a valiant medieval knight, proudly wearing his helmet, leggings and armour, gripping sharp swords handling and powerful crossbows...

… imagine being the brave Richard Shelton in the well-known novel “The black arrow”, or identifying with the more familiar St. Francis, who, soon after his conversion, abandoned his plan to become a knight, in order to commit to the peaceful ways of God ...

We can dream about all this and more in Gubbio, amidst shields and chain mails, admiring the handicrafts of the mediaeval weapons and armour suppliers . These objects are made with great care and a passion for historical details, paying attention to the quality of materials used and finishes, as can be seen, for example, in the minute adornments on the handles of the swords.

For lovers of the Middle Ages, therefore, a visit to Gubbio is highly recommended. Here, you can fantasize about meeting a true knight along the alleyways, especially during the last week of May, when the Palio della Balestra (Race of the Crossbow) is held, in which the local crossbowmen, rigorously dressed in ancient costume, clash with those from San Sepolcro. The event is enriched by the show of the flag-wavers of Gubbio and by a historical procession  parading through the city streets.

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