Carp Print

The carp has a sturdy body. It is slender, flat on the sides and is covered with large scales. Its back is brown, sides are golden and copper coloured, its belly is yellowish and its pelvic and anal fins are reddish. Its average weight is 5 kg and its length ranges from 50 to 60 cm.

Its flesh is excellent and tasty.

Fishing techniques include: gill nets (with large nets known as “regina” or queen nets), fila, tofo, bottata (rarely used), giaccio (no longer used).  Bottom line-fishing is also used (hooks: size 3-6; baits: earthworms and polenta – made from cornmeal).  Chumming is useful.

Fish weighing a maximum of 2-3 kg may be decapitated, gutted, skinned, filleted and refrigerated. For larger sizes, gutting and descaling is carried out, followed by packaging and subsequent freezing in freezing tunnels.

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