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Cicerchia or Chickling vetch (Lathyrus sativus) is a pulse that is little known today but which is still widely cultivated in Central Italy and particularly in the mountains of Umbria. The chickling vetch is planted in spring and picked by hand in July, after which it is naturally dried on the ground. Threshing is done in the second ten days of July and the first ten days of August, when the product is cleaned and selected. The next stages are sifting and packaging.
It is rich in protein, fibre and potassium and its use is clearly documented in soup recipes dating back to the seventeenth century. In particular, chick peas and chickling vetch were once present in every family’s vegetable patch and were always included in nourishing, tasty vegetable soups. Chickling vetch is used in cooking, to accompany sausages, pig’s trotters and pork rinds.

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