Strufoli Print

These are fried pastries, which are round or long in shape. They are soaked in alchermes liqueur or sprinkled with honey or sugar. They are typical of the whole region of Umbria and are made during the Carnival period.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, eggs, mistrà liqueur, rum, grated lemon rind, vegetable oil or olive oil, a pinch of baking powder, vanilla essence (optional), lard for frying.

Method of preparation: The ingredients are mixed by hand until the mixture is fluid and creamy and spoonfuls of it are fried in the boiling lard. Lastly, the strufoli are drained on kitchen paper and sprinkled with alchermes liqueur, honey or sugar to taste.

Storage: this product should be kept in a cool dry place and eaten within 1 or 2 days.

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