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This was traditionally a poor people’s cake, once made with corn flour, which was fairly common in the Umbrian countryside, although wheat bread was preferred. “It is a popular, rustic cake and is typical of Perugia and the surrounding countryside, where corn was extensively cultivated”. The brustegnolo, or brustengo cake, is not to be confused with Gubbio’s “brustengo”, which is synonymous of “arvoltolo”.  The following recipe has been handed down through country tradition: Corn flour is mixed, by hand or with a mixer, with hot, slightly salted water, until the consistency resembles fairly soft polenta. The other ingredients are added, stirring the mixture well. The mixture is then spread over a well-greased aluminium baking tray and should be about 2 cm deep. It is baked in the oven at 180°C for about 20 to 30 minutes. It is baked in rectangular tins and is eaten cold. Another method is to fry the dough in lard or extra-virgin olive oil, according to taste.

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