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Attorta is a typical Umbrian sweet pastry made from short crust pastry rolled up to form a spiral shape, with a filling made of apple and other ingredients. In addition to diced apple, the ingredients are: sugar, bitter cocoa and/or grated dark chocolate, grated lemon zest, chopped walnuts, rum and/or alchermes liqueur and olive oil. Other ingredients that may also be added are pine-nuts and/or chopped macaroons and/or candied peel and/or dried figs, “mustaccioli” (another type of pastry) and coloured sprinkles for decoration. The first stage of preparation entails making the pastry, in a steel or plastic food container, with flour, oil, eggs, sugar and rum, in order to obtain a soft, smooth dough, which will then be rolled out to obtain a long sheet of pastry. The filling is made by cooking the apples with the remaining ingredients. This mixture is then distributed evenly over the pastry which is then rolled lengthwise. The “attorta” is placed on a greased baking tray and baked in the oven until the pastry is golden. The attorta can be decorated with drops of alchermes liqueur, sugar and coloured sprinkles. Once cool, the product can be kept at a temperature of about 6° to 8° C for 2 or 3 days.


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