Pan Nociato Print

This recipe, which is very similar to the one still in use today, first appeared in the Todi Yearbook in 1927. Evidence of this can be found in a text written by Remo Coppini, in “Umbria a Tavola” (“Umbria at the Table”), Guerra Publishing, Perugia 1983.

Bread seasoned with cheese is a tradition passed down from the classical world. In fact, it was already mentioned by Sophron, patriarch of Jerusalem in the sixth century, in the later part of the Latin period, when he was invited to taste “cheese bread for children”. Pan caciato (or nociato) was also mentioned in a poem by Guido Discepoli in “November” from “Essay of poems and religious folk songs from several Umbrian villages” by Oreste Grifoni.

Ingredients: flour, water, salt, walnuts, diced Emmenthal cheese (optional), grated Parmesan cheese, grated Pecorino cheese, pepper, yeast, lard, raisins (optional).

Method of preparation: The ingredients are mixed in the mixer or by hand. The dough is then divided by hand into round bun shapes and left to rise. Once they have risen, they are cooked in the oven.

Storage: This is a fresh product and should be kept at a temperature of about 6° to 8° C for no more than 2 to 3 days.

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