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Nociata is a hard pastry made with walnuts and honey. The other ingredients are: Egg whites, sugar (optional), wafers and bay leaves. The egg whites are beaten until stiff in the automatic “egg whisk” and all ingredients are then mixed in the “mixer” or in a “cream baker” machine or by hand for a fairly long time. When the nociata is ready, it is poured onto a stainless steel surface where the wafers have been placed. It is then cut by hand into small bars and a bay leaf is placed on each one. 

Storage: This is a fresh product and should be kept at a temperature of about 6° to 8° C for a few days.

Nociata was a typical food cooked by families in the town of Massa Martana during the Christmas season, since the last century. “In the past, rudimental utensils were used, and  were suitable for cooking: an internally aged, copper cauldron, a stand with a circular opening above the grill, on which the cauldron was placed; a large, heavy ladle with a pear shaped end to amalgamate the mixture without interruption.”

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