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Embroidery and lace are from time immemorial passion of all women who love to...

Legno e...

There are no translations available.In Umbria è radicata la tradizione della...

Il ferro battuto

There are no translations available.TRA I VICOLI STORICI, CON NASO...

in primo piano

The light from the glass!

The light from the glass!

The work of the glassmaker is somehow complementary to that of the blacksmith. Although artistic g...

Ceramics and Earthenware

In Umbria, this art has seen a remarkable development in numerous locations in the region.

Ironwork and glass

These ancient and original traditions are handed down through generations.

Wood and period furniture

These traditions are certainly ancient but are also modern and a distinguishing feature of Umbria.

Precious metals

The traditional art of working with precious metals, transforming them into unique creations, is centuries old.

Weaving and Embroidery

A tradition with ancient roots, an alchemy of handicraft and art, ready for you to discover.