Wine and Oil

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Colli del Trasimeno

The area of Colli del Trasimeno includes the area of Perugia up to Città di Castello and is home...

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Colli Assisi-Spoleto

It is the largest sub-area and it encompasses the entire eastern area of Umbria, from Gubbio to Terni. The...

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Colli del Trasimeno DOC

Cultivation of the vine is also an ancient custom in the area of Colli del Trasimeno, made easier by...

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Colli Martani DOC

The territories to the left of the Tiber river are full of reminders of the wine producing activities carried...

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Colli Altotiberini DOC

Colli Altotiberini DOC wines get their name from the hilly area crossed over by the Tiber river, in the...

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Assisi DOC

The area of Assisi is the area of production in the province that has most recently obtained DOC (CDO...