Caciotta, also known as Formetta in dialect, is a cheese made from cow’s milk...
Filled or mixed (farcito o misto)
This cheese is made with sheep’s or cow’s milk in various shapes and...
Pecorino of Norcia
This is a cheese intended for slicing. It is made with sheep’s milk and comes...
Ricotta salata (Salted Ricotta)
This Ricotta is made from sheep’s milk and it is salted and matured for 10-20...
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This is fresh cheese made from whole cow’s milk. It is a soft creamy cheese, rich in enzymes, with a mild taste and milk white colour. After pasteurization at 72° C, the milk is put into the polyvalent and once it reaches a temperature of about 36° C, the enzymes and rennet are added. After breaking the curds, the whey is eliminated by gentle simmering.

The product is slightly salted and then collected in small 250 gram moulds, which give the cheese its typical basket shape. The cheese is put on sale immediately and must be kept at a temperature of 4° C.

The freshness of the product limits its shelf life to 7-10 days.

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