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The eel has an elongated body, is snake-shaped, rounded at the front and tapers at the rear end. It is covered in small scales and abundant mucus. It can take on different colours. It can be greenish-brown, brownish-grey or blackish-grey on its back and yellowish-white on the belly. The size of the male eel ranges from 35 to 50 cm and the females from 100 to 150 cm.

The flesh is excellent, of fine quality, oily and tasty. The best seasons for fishing are summer and autumn.

Fishing techniques include: tofo, tofone, fila, longline (this is a fishing tool made from a set of hooks mounted at equal distances on a tube called a beam, by sections of wire called arms). Bait: earthworm, shrimp, roach, small tench. Fishing is best at dusk or at night.

After fishing, the eel is often processed in artisan laboratories attached to authorized shops, in accordance with Law no. 283/62, following these stages: decapitation, gutting, skinning, packaging, freezing in ventilated freezing tunnels, storage in refrigerated rooms (at 18°C).

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