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The area of Assisi is the area of production in the province that has most recently obtained DOC (CDO - Controlled designation of origin) recognition.  Assisi DOC wine gets its name from the city that best represents the geographic area in which it is produced: the city of St. Francis, famous worldwide for its frescoes by Giotto.

The wines belonging to this DOC come from vineyards situated in favourably exposed lands, on the area of the hillside between 180 and 550 metres above sea level, in a part of the territory of the municipalities of Assisi, Spello and Perugia.

Assisi DOC wine is produced by a small number of wineries that have good results on the market with this interesting variety of wine, of which white, red, rosé, Novello and Grechetto are the types produced.

Red Assisi DOC wine is ideal served with game and rich foods in balloon goblets at 18-20° C.

The Novello wine can be used with any foods, but goes particularly well with cheeses, cold cuts and chestnuts.

The Rosé wine goes well with lighter dishes, like minestrone soup or pasta with vegetables and should be served in large goblets and opened at 12-14° C.

The White wine is excellent with fish dishes and should be served in flared goblets at 10-12° C.

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