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Colli del Trasimeno
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Colli Altotiberini DOC wines get their name from the hilly area crossed over by the Tiber river, in the municipalities of Citerna, Città di Castello, Gubbio, Monte Santa Maria Tiberina, Perugia, San Giustino and Umbertide.

The wine producing traditions of the area date back to the Romans (the vineyards are mentioned with admiration by Pliny the Elder) and to the earlier Etruscan period. In the 16th century, this is how Andrea Bacci described the area: “merry fields and rich pastures spread out on both sides of the Tiber river and, from here, sweet hills rise up, partly covered by long lines of olive trees and partly by well-kept vineyards”.

The wines currently produced are white, red and rosé.

The White wine goes well with delicate fish dishes, starters with freshwater fish sauce, fried lake fish and should be served at 10-12° C in a flared goblet.

The Red wine goes well with fresh cold cuts, starters with tomato sauces, grilled or roasted white meats, chicken, fresh cow’s cheese and should be served in a long goblet at 16-18°  C.

The Rosé wine goes well with tasty appetizers, risotto with herbs, spicy soups and lake fish, grilled eel, rustic omelettes and should be enjoyed in large goblets and opened at 12-14° C.

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