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Cultivation of the vine is also an ancient custom in the area of Colli del Trasimeno, made easier by the mild lakeside climate and by the sloping hills, favouring the exposure of the vines to the sun’s rays. This is proof of how the diversity of the microclimate favours the production of different types of wine.

Recently, several companies have undertaken to obtain more structured and durable wines. Improved quality and expansion of the range have been incorporated in the new rules of production, introducing new types of Colli del Trasimeno wine: four white wines (Dry, Selected White, Sparkling Le tradizioni and Vin Santo), five red wines (Red, Selected Red, Red Reserve, Sparkling and Novello), a Classical Spumante sparkling wine, and several varietal types (Grechetto, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gamay, Merlot Reserve, Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve and Gamay Reserve).

The municipalities involved are Castiglione del Lago, Città della Pieve, Corciano, Magione, Paciano, Panicate, Passignano sul Trasimeno, Perugia,
 Piegaro and Tuoro sul Trasimeno.

The Colli del Trasimeno DOC red wine is one of the most popular wines of this denomination. It is ideally suited to rich foods: appetizers with traditional cold cuts, pasta with meat sauce, roast pork, poultry cooked “alla cacciatora” and medium-aged cheeses.

It should be served at 16-18 °C in a goblet for structured wines and consumed within two to three years from its vintage.

The dry white wine goes well with lighter appetizers, fish soups with light sauces, roasted or grilled fish of the lake or fillets of fish with butter and sage.

It is served in a flared goblet at 10-12 ° C. In the Spumante version, it should be served in a flute at 8° C.

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