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The territories to the left of the Tiber river are full of reminders of the wine producing activities carried out in the Etruscan area before and after the Romans (as is evident in the writings of Martial and Pliny the Elder).  This land, which includes a vast area to the northeast and southwest of the Colli Martani ridge, is rapidly growing in quality and is characterized by wines with good aging potential.

A recent change in the guidelines regarding the production of Colli Martani wines indicates that the designation should be reserved to the following types: Red, Sangiovese and Reserve, Cabernet Sauvignon and Reserve, Merlot and Reserve, Trebbiano White, Grechetto, Todi Grechetto, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Riesling and Spumante sparkling wine.

Production is different from that of the neighbouring areas and focuses on varietal vines.

Colli Martani Grechetto D.O.C. wines go well with light foods, like shellfish appetizers, fish and crustaceans, starters with simple white fish sauces and good quality roasted sea fish, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil.

It should be served at 10–12° C in a special goblet for young white wines and consumed within two years of its vintage.

Colli Martani Sangiovese wine, on the other hand, is ideal with red meats, especially grilled meats, and should be enjoyed at a temperature of 18°C in special long goblets for young wines and in balloon goblets for aged wines.

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