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Umbria is one of the regions of Italy with most woodland. Here, mushroom picking has always been a widely practiced activity.

There numerous stories and tales about this “fruit of the forest”,  linked to mythology and tradition. It was said that the only people worthy of eating this food in Ancient Egypt were the Pharaohs and that soldiers in the Roman Empire ate mushrooms to gain more strength.

In our territory, numerous varieties can be found in the Umbrian undergrowth, including Porcini mushrooms, the most prized species, which are also the most difficult to find, while the Turini, Rosciole, Sanguinosi and Manini varieties may be easier to come across.

There are various species of Porcini mushrooms, but they are all characterized by a meaty, firm cap and a thick, bulging stem.

They are picked in the autumn, but may also be encountered in the springtime in deciduous woods and, depending on the species, also in coniferous woods.

The Turino, also known in many areas as the field mushroom, is one of the most frequently picked mushrooms. It is an off-white colour, with a sturdy stem and, depending on the species, can be long or stout. It can be found in mountain pastures and also in the large clearings on the edges of forests, as long as the area is damp.

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