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Wood and period furniture

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Wood and life. Wood and knowledge. Wood and history.

The tradition of woodcrafts and stylish furniture is deeply rooted in Umbria, with its lush forests, rich in noble wood from trees such as walnut, ash, oak and cherry to name just a few.  When transforming wood into unique items, our craftsmen transmit their knowledge and skills. Working by hand conveys a naturalness to the product as well as attention to finishes, all of which give rise to distinct products, which are not superficial but full of meaning, history and memories. These products have no fear of aging.  On the contrary, with the passing of time, they acquire more charm and value. They express a taste for living and are pleasant to use.

Stylish furniture, the production of which is concentrated mainly in the area of the Alta Valle del Tevere (Città di Castello, San Giustino, Umbertide) but also Gubbio, Gualdo Tadino and Todi, are the maximum expression of this artisan know-how. So-called "arte povera" is also of fine quality. Arte povera is of rustic furniture, simpler and more linear than the more elaborate furniture made in Renaissance and Baroque styles. The traditional arts of restoration, marquetry and cabinetmaking cannot be underestimated either.

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