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This sweet celebration, devoted to the "food of the gods" was established in Perugia in 1994. Since then, it has become most hightly attended event dedicated to the promotion of Italian and international chocolate-making traditions and is a source of inspiration for various other initiatives.

The architect, Eugenio Guarducci, created the event, back in 1982, and he is  currently the President of Eurochocolate.

This annual Chocolate Festival takes place in autumn, in the month of October, when the consumption of chocolate is at its greatest.

The the streets, squares and places of art in the historic town centre of the city of Perugia traditionally come alive with events, cultural itineraries, wine tasting, performances and shows.

This rich, welcoming setting is one of the factors that contributes to the success of the event, together with the ability to fully engage the public and a thorough knowledge of chocolate, both on a professional level and for fun.

The huge growth of the event on Umbrian territory, since the year 2000, has prompted the organizers to look for new places of in which to relocate this highly successful event, that are relevant to or have a connection with the world of chocolate and which might be able to provide new strategic and creative ideas.

This is how the Eurochocolate tour began, in numberous Italian cities, like Turin, Rome, Naples, Modica, Pisa, Aquila…   Nevertheless, in the collective imagination, Perugia has always been the “City of Chocolate " par excellence.  During the Eurochocolate event, Perugia turns into a great open-air chocolate shop for nine days, in harmony with the town architecture, acting as a plus for companies and anyone with a sweet tooth, from all over the world. For nine days, a number of initiatives manage to keep up the rhythm of the event, both for the public and for the numerous media representatives following the event.

Among these, the following deserve to be remembered:

- Chocolate Show: The commercial session of Eurochocolate, which sees the involvement of more than 140 of the most important names in Italian and international chocolate. It is a mega-store along the streets of Perugia’s town centre;

- Special Events: entertainment, music, theatre and, of course, chocolate in great quantities, as well as events that vary from year to year, depending on the theme of Eurochocolate.  Some events are re-proposed every year, in the same formula (cult events), such as "Chocolate Sculptures" in the square and have helped build the success of Eurochocolate;

- Masters & Courses: amateur and professional courses in wine-tasting and cocoa-based cuisine for those who want to deepen their knowledge of the culture and use of chocolate in every possible way, as well as a desire to refine the palate (Chocohouse Cooking, Chocohouse Sweet, Cioccolatomania, Master of chocolate).

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