Filled or mixed (farcito o misto) PDF Print E-mail
Filled or mixed (farcito o misto)

This cheese is made with sheep’s or cow’s milk in various shapes and weights, from 1 to 3 kg, with the addition of other

Raviggiolo PDF Print E-mail

This is fresh cheese made from whole cow’s milk. It is a soft creamy cheese, rich in enzymes, with a mild taste and milk white

Caciotta PDF Print E-mail

Caciotta, also known as Formetta in dialect, is a cheese made from cow’s milk in sizes weighing 1.5 to 3 kg. It is soft and

Ricotta salata (Salted Ricotta) PDF Print E-mail
Ricotta salata (Salted Ricotta)

This Ricotta is made from sheep’s milk and it is salted and matured for 10-20 days to make it firmer, for slicing. If aging is

Pecorino of Norcia PDF Print E-mail
Pecorino of Norcia

This is a cheese intended for slicing. It is made with sheep’s milk and comes from the high mountain pastures of the area. It