Paste fresche e prodotti della panetteria

Torta al formaggio PDF Print E-mail
Torta al formaggio

This is a round, savoury pie, typical of the Easter season.

Ingredients: Type “0” flour, eggs, Pecorino cheese, Pecorino

Torta al testo PDF Print E-mail
Torta al testo


The "torta al testo" is a very old traditional food of Perugia. It is a flat bread made from flour, water, olive oil, a pinch

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Stinchetti, also called “bones of the dead”, are biscuits, shaped like the tibia (shin bone) and typical of the Perugia

Schiacciata al formaggio PDF Print E-mail
Schiacciata al formaggio

The schiacciata al formaggio is a flat “focaccia” bread, typical of Umbria and is either oval, square or rectangular in shape.

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This is a sweet, puff pastry with a filling, rolled into the shape of a snake. It is prepared from autumn until January,

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